Environmental issues and questions arise in many areas of law

Environmental- and Natural Resource Management

Environmental Law includes all rules and legal principles that are intendend to preserve the environment and ensure that environmental considerations and long-term management of Natural resources are maintained.

Environmental issues and questions arise in many areas of Law and in many different cases.

Our expertise covers issues such as

  • Applications to the public for licenses and other permits for activities and plans that may affect the environment, such as emission permits, storage permits, zoning and building permits, landscaping and environmental plans, river basin licenses, establishment and removal of landfills
  • "Due diligence processes", contracts regarding land acquisition and other agreements where responsibility and risk of old pollution must be clarified and regulated
  • Anvendelse av avfallsregelverket
  • Insentivordningene for investeringer i fornybar energi
  • Anmeldelser og straffansvar for forurensning og annen overtredelse av forurensningsregelverket

Lawyers in Wahl-Larsen have extensive experience with environmental law, and offer special expertise in all matters that include environmental issues.



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