We have many years of experience with property and inheritance settlements abroad

Real estate abroad

We have many years of experience of advising clients with ties to other countries, including on matters of real estate law. Our services include:

  • Securing the purchasing process in the acquisition and sale of real estate, including the reviewing of contracts.
  • Tax issues relating to purchases and sales.
  • Changes in tax residence (tax migration).
  • Contracts for letting properties outside Norway and the taxation of rental income.
  • Co-ownership contracts regulating use, allocation of costs etc.
  • Inheritance, including the administration of estates both in and outside. Norway
  • Drafting wills under foreign law to simplify the distribution of decedents’ estates in foreign countries.

We regularly collaborate with attorneys-at-law in countries in which Norwegians often inherit property or emigrate to.

Download our guide to legal issues to keep in mind when buying property abroad «Rettslige spørsmål om eiendom i utlandet – særlig om Spania» here



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