Wahl-Larsen Advokatfirma as your workplace?


Our goal is always to achieve the best possible results for our clients. This requires legal expertise at the highest level within the subject areas we cover, but also that we can understand our clients’ businesses and issues, and to be effective, realistic and creative to find the best solutions in each case. If you agree, you will fit in with us.

We assist clients all over the country: municipalities, industry, organisations, large and small businesses and individuals.

In Wahl-Larsen we have a strong professional environment, and a pleasant and informal social environment You will have many skilled colleagues. We are located in the Town Hall Square («Rådhusplassen») in Oslo.

Recruitment and Career

We are always looking for new and skilled employees. Right now, we are most interested in lawyers who have worked for a few years, and who may want to change their workplace

Younger colleagues will work in several areas of expertise, and thus gain broad legal experience as well as experience from many diverse businesses outside with our clients. More specialisation may eventually be relevant. Trainee lawyers can expect good and close follow-up and varied work..

More experienced lawyers will be able to work within our regular areas of expertise or continue their established field of business that we may not be covering today. We will gladly expand our areas of expertise. For experienced lawyers, partnerships may be relevant. New partners will be able to expect assistance and incentive schemes. We also have low shared costs.

You are welcome to contact us about what we can offer. Applications with CV, diplomas and certificates are sent as per e-mail to friberg@wla.no. You may also call Friberg, or one of us that you may have been in contact with previously, for an informal and confidential conversation


Trine Friberg


Tel: (+47) 47 48 91 49
E-mail: friberg@wla.no