We can assist in all phases of construction and construction projects, from planning and contracting to completion and later operation.

Contracting - Building and Construction

We represent developers, contractors, designers, consultants and suppliers.

Many years of experience has enabled us to accumulate specialist expertise in the field of standard contracts (the Norwegian Standard Contracts) used by the industry, as well as in the public procurement regulations that public sector principals are required to follow.

This expertise, combined with an ability to communicate across professional boundaries, makes us well equipped to advise on matters that include the following:

  • Issues relating to the choice of contract strategy as well as drafting and assuring the quality of contracts
  • Drafting and assuring the quality of tender specifications
  • Drafting and assuring the quality of bids
  • Advice during the competition phase to both principals and bidders, including on questions arising in connection with evaluation, and assessing the basis for filing complaints with the principal or KOFA (Norwegian Complaints Board for Public Procurement)
  • Advice during the contract performance phase, including for example questions arising about requests for remuneration adjustments/extension of deadlines as a consequence of changes, failure on the part of the developer and other circumstances for which the developer is liable.
  • Advice and assistance on final settlement
  • Disputes relating to contracts for advisory services, for example questions of liability as a consequence of failures in planning and advisory services
  • In-company courses on Norwegian standards NS 8401/02, NS 8405/06 and NS 8407

We also advise on associated issues relating to building and construction projects, see the sections on the practice areas “Real Estate”, “Compulsory purchases” and “Environmental and Resource Management”.



Trine Friberg


Phone: (+47) 47 48 91 49
E-mail: friberg@wla.no

Gun Marit Stenersen


Phone: (+47) 94 13 03 26
E-mail: gms@wla.no

Thor Bendik Berg


Phone: +47 901 46 490
E-mail: tbb@wla.no